The Bambara (Bambara: Bamana or Banmana) are a Mandé people living in west Africa, primarily in Mali but also in Guinea, Burkina Faso and Senegal.They are considered to be amongst the largest Mandé ethnic groups, and are the dominant Mandé group in Mali, with 80% of the population speaking the Bambara language, regardless of ethnicity. The Bamana originated as a section of the Mandinka people, the founders of the Mali Empire in the 13th Century. Both a part of the Mandé ethnic group, whose earliest known history can be traced back to sites near Tichitt (now subsumbed by the Sahara in southern Mauritania), where urban centers began as early as 2500 BC. By 250 BC a Mandé subgroup, the Bozo, founded the city of Djenne. Between 300 AD and 1100 AD the Soninke Mandé dominated the Western Sudan, leading the Ghana Empire. When the Mandé Songhai Empire dissolved after 1600 AD, many Mandé speaking groups along the upper Niger river bassin turned inward. The Bamana appeared in this milieu with the rise of the Bamana Empire in the 1740s.
Item Details
Country/Region Africa - Mali
Ethnic group Bambara
Year/Age 18-19th century
Description African anklet-money
Material Bronze
Weight 368 gr.
Dimension 118 x 70 x 31 mm
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